How Yoga Can Help You Manage Your Money Better

The popularity of yoga has made everyone aware of its benefits for mental and physical health. Lessons learned from yoga can be utilized for improved financial health too. Being mindful, staying on the mat, and making adjustments are excellent yoga practices and money management techniques. 

Yoga is the best exercise for a healthy mind and body. It helps the mind to practice quietness, improve focus, process thoughts, and feel grounded. Yoga benefits for physical health include improved breathing, flexibility, bone strength, posture and balance, and weight loss. But that’s not all – lessons learned from yoga can also be applied to financial wellness. 

Staying On the Mat 

Yoga is performed on the yoga mat, which provides an even and gripping base. Throughout the yoga session, a yogi moves on this base to utilize it as best as possible for their various moves.  

Yogis lie down, sit, stand, and move around the mat during a session. At times they face the smaller side of the mat, while other times, they face the wider side.  

Through these various postures on a yoga mat, yogis ensure they get the most yoga benefits on their own high-grip and comfortable space. By applying this yoga practice to money management, we can significantly improve our financial lives.  

By staying on our mat, i.e., staying within our budget, we can avoid going overboard, i.e., overspending. As yogis stay on their mat for the entire yoga session without extending any body part outside, we can all do our best to spend only what we have. 

Being Mindful 

Staying within the budget helps us be more mindful of what we have than focusing on what we don’t have. Just as yogis use every inch of their yoga mat, we can be more mindful of our resources, use what we own, and make the most of it. When trying to use what we own efficiently, we can realize that it can be more than enough for us and that we don’t need to step out of our zone to achieve stability. 

Making Adjustments 

​​Making adjustments is a big part of everyone’s yoga journey. While yoga benefits can be felt initially, it can take a while to become flexible and strong enough to achieve all yoga poses.​​​ 


The same can be applied to money management. We don’t have to take drastic actions to cut down on our expenses when we start the journey toward financial wellness, as that can lead to intense discomfort and put us off from applying this lesson in our lives. Instead, we can adjust as we continue on the path and become better with practice.  

Last but not least, yoga teaches us that everyone’s journey to wellness looks different. Some people are more flexible, some stronger, while others are more punctual in their practice. Thus, comparing ourselves and our money management matters with others brings us no good. The best we can do is focus on our practice.